George Osborne to write book on 'populism and prejudice'

Written by Rod Muir on 6 October 2016 in Diary

The former chancellor has opted against writing his memoirs, saying: ‘My book is about the future.’

After recently signing up with one of the world’s most expensive public speaking agencies, George Osborne has revealed further plans for life after Number 11.

The former chancellor is to write a book titled The Age of Unreason, examining the rise of populist nationalism and prejudice.

"Capitalism and democracy is in crisis. The West is in retreat. The forces of populist nationalism and prejudice are on the rise, amplified by new technology,” he said.

But just in case that sounds like he is throwing down the gauntlet to Theresa May and the government’s various Brexiteers, Osborne insisted he has another person in mind.

“The likes of Donald Trump say to people, what the hell have you got to lose. The answer is, a lot. Peace, prosperity and security. It's time to say so. It's time for the defenders of open societies and free markets to fight back."

The announcement follows the release of political memoirs by Nick Clegg, Ken Clarke and Craig Oliver.

However, Osborne reckons it is too early to write his memoirs.

He said: "My book is about the future. I want to apply the lessons I've learnt in victory and defeat to the urgent challenge of this Age of Unreason."

Arabella Pike, publishing director of William Collins, said: “It is a book to address the biggest issues of our age - The Age of Unreason - and sets out plans to give more people capital in capitalism, control over their work, their communities and their money. The book could not be more timely or important.”


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