Fox / Chicken story prompts not-so-cracking puns and live bird-eating challenge

Written on 24 July 2017 in Diary

Liam Fox has been ordered to "devour a chlorine-washed chicken live on camera"

The Conservatives handed animal rights activists a major PR coop today.

Ministers are apparently in a flap over whether to scrap the ban - imposed by the EU - on importing chlorine-washed chickens after Brexit.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox is said to be among those who want chemically-bathed birds from the US to be sold in Britain as part of a free-range trade deal.

Presumably they could be bought and sold for poultry sums.

And as night follows day, the opportunity to make a few fox/chicken gags sent opposition parties into a flutter.

Labour MP Ben Bradshaw crowed: "The Government is putting the Fox in charge of the hen coop when it comes to food safety."

Outgoing Lib Dem leader Tim Farron squawked: "Liam Fox is running into these trade negotiations like a headless chicken."

One user on Twitter (no pun intended) nailed it with this gem:

Anti-Brexit campaign group Open Britain meanwhile came up with a rather inventive solution - for Fox to eat a chlorine-bathed chicken live on air.

"If the International Trade Secretary wants the public to trust him, he needs to take the opportunity while he's in the US and devour a chlorine-washed chicken live on camera," said executive director James McGrory.

"The choice of recipe is up to him, but one serving suggestion might be Chlorination Chicken.

"The proof of the chicken is in the eating and if Dr Fox thinks it's safe, he should put his money where his mouth is. If he doesn't, he is just chicken."

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