Exasperated Andrew Marr says George Osborne not answering questions over NHS funding

Written by Total Politics has a free weekly Friday email bulletin. Follow this link to register. on 12 April 2015 in Diary

George Osborne has failed to explicity spell out how the Conservatives would fund their pledge to spend £8bn more per year on the NHS by the end of the next parliament.

The Chancellor faced repeated questioning on how the Tories would pay for the pledge as he appeared on the Andrew Marr Show.

He said the Tories had a “track record” which proved that they could be trusted to meet the spending target identified by NHS chief exec Simon Stevens. He also said:

“It's part of our balanced plan...”


Osborne's responses failed to cut any ice with the BBC presenter, who became increasingly exasperated and eventually told the Chancellor:

“I keep asking you very straight questions about where the money's coming from. You keep saying sensible and balanced, balanced and sensible. That's not, with respect, exactly what I'm asking. I'm asking where the money's coming from.”


On the same show, Harriet Harman stopped short of calling the Tories liars. But only just.


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