Ed Miliband calls for Donald Trump to be educated on climate change

Written by David Singleton on 25 January 2017 in Diary

Watch: MPs went wild as the ex-Labour leader stood up at PMQs.

A newly-popular Ed Miliband today urged Theresa May to tell Donald Trump that climate change is “not a hoax invented by the Chinese”.

The former Labour leader called on May to raise the issue with the president when she meets him on Friday.

There were loud cheers for Milband as he rose at Prime Minister's Questions, with some MPs heard shouting: "Come back!".

Miliband appealed to May: “Can I ask her to reassure us that she will say to the president that he must abide by and not withdraw from the Paris climate change treaty.

“And in case it is helpful, can she offer the services of UK scientists to convince the president that climate change is not a hoax invented by the Chinese?”





However, Miliband was left disappointed as the prime minister failed to offer any such reassurances that she would seek to educate the president on climate change.

Rather, May said she "would hope that all parties would continue to ensure that that climate change agreement is put into practice".

Since stepping down as Labour leader in 2015, Miliband has become one of parliament’s leading voices on climate change – and his stock appears to be soaring.

As MPs cheered on Miliband today, speaker John Bercow told the former leader that he "never knew he was quite that popular".

In the press gallery, Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsliff noted that Miliband had now entered the 'everyone loves you now you're no longer leader' phase of this political career.

And Times columnist Iain Martin suggested that “that guy” Miliband could now be one to watch...







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