David Miliband proves why he isn't Labour leader

Written by TotalPolitics.com Staff on 9 March 2011 in Diary
The former foreign secretary gave an impressive speech at the LSE last night, but it just reinforced again why his insistence to stand by Labour's record in government couldn't help to victory in the Labour leadership contest

David Milband has been lying low for the past few months. His appearances in Parliament have been few and far between – a few debates, a select committee hearing. So it is perhaps understandable that some have been hailing his lecture at the LSE last night, entitled ‘Why is the European Left losing elections?’, as hinting of his return to high profile politics.

His speech attempted to address what he called the “unprecedented scale” on which social democratic parties in six of Europe’s major democracies – Britain, Sweden, Germany, France, Holland and Italy – are losing elections. This, he said, is “not an accident or some kind of cosmic joke”, but as a result of a number of factors including the resurgent reunification of the right.

He went on to outline his proposed solution to this decline on the left, and it was a solution that was very strongly reminiscent of Blair, Brown and the early years of New Labour:

We are not apologists for globalisation. We are reformers.

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