Corbyn talks politics and does a ‘hugshake’ with grime star JME

Written by David Singleton on 18 May 2017 in Diary

‘I was given a 200/1 against chance of being elected leader…’

Jeremy Corbyn has told a grime artist how he beat the odds to be Labour leader and how his party is “absolutely on it” to win the general election.

The Labour leader met JME in a Holloway café in a bid to encourage young people to vote.

When the pair met, they neither hugged or shook hands. According to i-D: "Instead, they created, as Jeremy called it, a ‘hugshake’."

Corbyn is said to have ordered a hallomui salad and spoke to the grime star for about 40 minutes. Asked what differences "young Kevin in Edmonton" would notice if Labour won, Corbyn said cheaper housing was the first thing.

"We’ve got in the big cities… very expensive private rented to accommodation. Working class families can’t get council houses, the benefit cap comes in, they get forced to move out. So get social cleaning, chain reaction.  And many are put off going into higher education because the debts are too great," he said.





Corbyn also recalled triumphantly how he had won the Labour leadership against the odds and fended off a challenge the following year.

He said: "I was given a 200/1 against chance of being elected leader… Then there was a challenge put up to me. They said they wanted to have a different leader and another leadership election was held last year. And I stood again and won with even more votes, an even bigger majority."

And he insisted that Labour could win the general election: "There are half a million people that joined the Labour party and we’ve got a Labour candidate in every constituency and we’re absolutely on it to win this election."

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