Corbyn speaks out... on his 'zany' love of drain covers

Written by @JoshMay_PH on 16 November 2015 in Diary

Jeremy Corbyn entered the bear pit of Lorraine Kelly’s sofa this morning. 

After questions about the atrocities in Paris and whether the UK should be bombing Syria, the Labour leader took the opportunity to show off his softer side when he was asked about his interest in... drain covers.

Corbyn quipped discreetly: “Are we talking privately here?”

Then he explained just why he had such enthusiasm.

"I got this from my mother: an interest in the social history of how things happen. And if you walk around and look at drain covers, you’ll see in London MWB, Metropolitan Board of Works. That gives you the age of it, because the Metropolitan Board of Works hasn’t been around for a long time.

“You look at Post Office telegraphs, that will tell you the time they went; you look at LCC tramways, you look at the same in Glasgow, you look at the same in Edinburgh, so you see a history of public utilities in drain colours and some of them are quite artistic.”

At this point, his inner spin doctor finally kicked in and Corbyn mused:

“I know this sounds a bit zany.”

And then there was a bit of justification for his drainspotting tendencies:

“It doesn’t hurt anybody at all. I don’t do it that much.”

And then he pondered on his love for train history.

He's a new type of leader, y'know. 




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