Charlotte Church says she'd pay more tax and attacks MP pay rises

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Charlotte Church has burnished her credentials as leading anti-austerity campaigner by announcing that she would have no problem paying tax at a rate of 70% if it would protect public services.

The Welsh singer was speaking at the launch of anti-austerity demonstration.

Asked if she would happily pay more tax to protect services, she replied:

“I have paid all my tax since I was 12 years old, and I would certainly be happy if the rate was 60% or 70%. I wouldn’t move away, I wouldn’t have an offshore account.

“That would be totally fine, for better infrastructure and public services and more of a Scandinavian model, which I see as far more progressive than the way we are, I would be absolutely fine with that.”

Soon after she had spoken, Church was hit by the inevitable backlash on Twitter. While some accused her of posturing, others suggested she should just send a cheque to HMRC.

To which the singer pointed out that quietly sending a cheque might not enourage others to “get a conscience”.

And for good measure Church, also put the boot in over MPs pay:

"A 10% pay rise is just like one rule for them, another rule for us.”

All in a days work...

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