Brexit verdict celebrated by Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen

Written by David Singleton on 24 June 2016 in Diary

Le Pen even changed her Twitter profile picture to a Union Jack flag.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump said it is a "great thing" that Britain has voted to leave the European Union, as far right politicians across Europe also expressed their delight.

Trump aired his views as he touched down in Scotland to re-open his revamped Turnberry golf resort.

Asked about the about the EU referendum result, he said: “I think it's a great thing that happened, an amazing vote, very historic. We're very happy."

He said he believed people had voted for Brexit because they were “angry” and he contended that “essentially the same thing is happening in the United States”.

Trump added: “They are angry over borders, they are angry over people coming into the country and taking over and nobody even noticing. They are angry about many, many things….

“You know I said this would happen. I think it is a great thing. We will see but I think it will be a great thing. Basically, they took their country back.”

His comments came as far right politicians across Europe also celebrated the verdict.

A host of figures from France’s Front National spoke out, with leader Marine Le Pen telling RTL radio: “Like a lot of French people, I’m very happy that the British people held on and made the right choice. What we thought was impossible yesterday has now become possible.”

Before polling stations had closed on Thursday night, Le Pen held a pre-Brexit dinner in Paris with close allies. Front National vice president Florian Philippot tweeted from the dinner: “A Franco-British atmosphere to celebrate the freedom of nations.”

A few hours later, Le Pen changed her Twitter profile picture to a Union Jack flag.





Also in celebratory mood after the UK’s verdict was the Dutch far-right and anti-immigration leader Geert Wilders.

He told Dutch radio: “I think it’s historic. I think it could also have huge consequences for the Netherlands and the rest of Europe. Now it’s our turn. I think the Dutch people must now be given the chance to have their say in a referendum.”

The leader of Italy’s far-right Northern League party, Matteo Salvini, tweeted:. “Hurrah for the courage of free citizens! Heart, head and pride beat lies, threats and blackmail. THANKS UK, now it’s our turn.”

And in Germany, the result was welcomed by an MEP who recently courted controversy over her comments about “shooting refugees”.

Beatrix von Storch of rightwing populist party Alternative für Deutschland, stated: "The 23 June is a historic day. It is Great Britain’s independence day. The people were asked – and they decided. The European Union as a political union has failed."






Picture by: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Press Association Images

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