Brexit battle on the Thames as Bob Geldof takes on Nigel Farage

Written by David Singleton on 15 June 2016 in Diary

Watch: Rock star told Ukip leader he was a ‘fraud’ and ‘no fisherman's friend’.

Nigel Farage and Sir Bob Geldof have gone head-to-head in a bizarre nautical battle over the EU referendum.

The Ukip leader led a flotilla of fishing boats up the Thames to urge Parliament to "take back control of British waters". The 50 to 60 vessels arrived in Westminster with foghorns sounding as the last Prime Minister’s Questions before the referendum was under way.

But the Brexit flotilla had to fend off a surprise attack from a rival boat carrying Remain supporters, including rock star philanthropist Geldof and Rachel Johnson, sister of Boris.

Addressing Farage over a PA system on his boat, Geldof lectured Farage on “the facts about fishing”.

He told the Ukip leader: “One, Britain makes more money than any other country in Europe from fishing. Two, Britain has the second largest quota for fish in Europe after Denmark. Three, Britain has the third largest landings.

"Fourth, you are no fisherman's friend. You were on the European Parliament Fishing Committee and you attended one out of 43 meetings."

“You’re a fraud, Nigel.”

Geldof also joined with others to make the wanker gesture at the Ukip leader.

From his boat, Farage - flanked by supporters including Ukip donor Arron Banks and Labour MP Kate Hoey - refused to hit back at Geldof. Possibly because he was busy perfecting his Alan Partridge impression.



But the Ukip leader later said the star's protest was "absolutely disgusting" as he tried to claim that Geldof and his allies were attacking fishermen, rather than eurosceptic politicians.

He told ITV News: "It's like rich people laughing at poor people. They are multi-millionaires happy to see the fishing industry go to the wall.

"They are there on their big boat effectively laughing at working communities being destroyed."

On Geldof’s assertion that had only ever attended one out of 43 meetings on the issue in European parliament, Farage responded by claiming that they were a "waste of time".







Picture by: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Film by ITV News.

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