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Bethany Wheatley explains the ethos behind the BackBoris2012 campaign, in the first in a weekly series ahead of the London mayoral elections

As the digital campaign co-ordinator for BackBoris2012, giving our supporters the tools to organise and reach out to their friends, families and colleagues has been a key priority from Day 1 - this election is local and we're keen to put the power in the hands of local people.

In less than three months Londoners head to the polls to choose their next mayor and the choice is clear – a hard-working mayor who governs for all Londoners and delivers value for money versus a man who thinks Londoners should be split into narrow interest groups and deserve nothing better than costly promises he knows he can't keep.

Over at BBHQ – and online – our team is growing by the day and we're working harder than ever to reach every Londoner with Boris's achievements:

  • Crime is down by 10.6%
  • Billions are being invested in the capital's transport network, creating 32,000 jobs
  • Olympic facilities have been delivered on time and under budget
  • After three years of freezing City Hall's share of council tax, Boris has cut it for 2012/13
  • And, by May 2012 there will be 1,000 more police officers on London's streets than when Boris was elected.

A record like this, particularly in the face of tough economic times, is one of which Londoners can be proud and is why Ken Livingstone has gone relentlessly negative in a desperate attempt to campaign on anything except record.

And Londoners are proud of what Boris has done for the capital, with thousands of them taking action to spread the word about his record. Through our Activist Dashboard Boris Backers are tweeting about Boris's achievements, making calls from home, organising canvassing events and action days, recruiting new activists and sharing blogs and photos about why they support the Mayor.

From Barnet to Bromley and Hounslow to Havering, Londoners are Backing Boris.

Click here for more information about the BackBoris2012 campaign.

This is the first in a weekly blog series by the BackBoris2012 campaign


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