Boris Johnson slammed by top EU official… and his Tory own allies

Written by David Singleton on 26 May 2016 in Diary

Chief of staff to the European Commission lumped Johnson in with Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen.

A top EU official has warned that having Boris Johnson as British prime minister would be a “horror scenario”.

Martin Selmayr made the provocative comment as the G7 summit got underway in Japan with a row over Brexit.

First, European commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said Johnson’s claims about the EU were not “in line with reality”.

Then Selmayr, who is chief of staff to the European Commission president, stoked the row with a tweet from the summit that lumped Johnson in with France’s Marine Le Pen and the US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Vote Leave media spokesman Robert Oxley said of the intervention: “Unelected bureaucrat working for unelected bureaucrat speaks.”



Meanwhile in London, Johnson has also managed to alienate some of his own supporters with his erratic conduct in the Brexit campaign, which has included comparing the EU's aims to Hitler's and referring to Barack Obama’s "part-Kenyan" ancestry. And railing against EU banana regulation.

One long-standing admirer told Politico’s chief UK political correspondent Tom McTague:

“The danger is in two months he’s undone what he did in two terms as mayor to increase his popularity and credibility. As somebody who is deeply loyal to him, that’s what I find depressing about the stance he’s taken on Brexit.”

On top of that, Johnson’s former deputy mayor for policing Stephen Greenhalgh tweeted today that Johnson was turning into a “political Eddie Murphy”. He also insisted he had not briefed McTague.




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