Boris Johnson and David Cameron bury the hatchet over dinner and jazz

Written by David Singleton on 24 March 2017 in Diary

The pair were seen ‘bopping along to the music’ in a New York restaurant.

"You should have stuck with me, mate," stated David Cameron’s text to Boris Johnson last year.

The old school friends very publicly fell out over Brexit. Cameron was then quick to gloat after Johnson was betrayed in his Tory leadership bid by fellow Brexiteer Michael Gove.

But now comes evidence to suggest that the pair have buried their Brexit hatchet.

The former prime minister and the current foreign secretary were seen having dinner in New York Thursday night.

Twitter's Joanna Geary spotted the Tory duo leaving Red Rooster restaurant in Harlem.





The former Guardian journalist said she shook Johnson’s hand and told him she had recently moved to New York from England.

"He said, ‘well then, you’ll recognise my friend David’, and pointed to Cameron, who had followed in a separate group out the door."

Cameron has been on a speaking tour in the US and Johnson arrived on Wednesday to attend a counter-terrorism conference.

Red Rooster says that it “serves comfort food celebrating the roots of American cuisine and the diverse culinary traditions of the neighborhood” and it aims to “share the story of Harlem with our guests, and offer a platform to celebrate local artists, musicians and culinary talent”.

Geary told The Guardian she had spoken to another diner in the restaurant who said that nobody had recognised either of the British politicians.

The diner told her: "They were just bopping along to the music like the rest of us."




Picture by: Chris Radburn/PA Archive/PA Images.

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