Beast of Bolsover takes to the stage... and makes Jeremy proud

Written by Dods staff on 25 September 2017 in Diary

'Vote Labour. I can't wait for it. All power to your elbow!'

Labour conference chiefs struggled to find a speaking slot for Sadiq Khan this year, and only gave the green light to the London mayor after angry London Labour MPs demanded it and the Conference Arrangements Committe agreed.

Funnily enough, there were no such complications when it came to getting left wing firebrand Dennis Skinner on the platform.

The 'Beast of Bolsover' was given a prime spot on the main stage just before shadow chancellor John McDonnell.

He used it to gush about a “tremendous year” for Labour, which he said was down to Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow cabinet.

He roared: “We had a manifesto that, quite frankly, was the best since 1945! I've lived long enough to remember reading that as a young lad taking papers round during the Second World War.”



He said that party was livelier now than at any point in Tony Blair’s leadership.

“There is a new zeal within the Labour movement. It can be witnessed at this conference. The place was full on a Sunday. That never used to happen, even in the days of Tony Blair and all the rest of it. The party is alive and well and kicking.”

He praised NHS architect Nye Bevan demanded the government borrow vast sums of money to rebuild the country as it did after the Second World War.

And he signed off by bellowing: “Vote Labour. I can't wait for it. All power to your elbow!”

Skinner was warmly embraced by Jeremy Corbyn as he left the stage to a standing ovation.

The Labour leader then tweeted that he was “proud” that Skinner had described Labour’s 2017 manifesto as the best since 1945.

Corbyn did not use his Twitter account to reveal what he thought about Khan’s speech a few hours later..



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