Angus MacNeil: It’s Jeremy Corbyn who SNP fears most in Labour

Written by Read the full interview here. on 13 July 2015 in Diary

Jeremy Corbyn is the Labour leadership candidate most feared by the SNP, one of the party’s leading politicians has told TP.

The SNP's Westminster portfolio and transport spokesperson Angus MacNeil told us why he believed Labour was annihilated in Scotland at the 2015 general election.

"They got done over on austerity, done over on immigration and they got done over by the SNP."

Asked which of Labour’s leadership candidates the SNP feared was best placed to win back Scottish voters, he said:

"The one guy we’d feel has the most to sort that, who has got the courage and the vision is... Jeremy Corbyn. 

"But he’s never going to get it, so we don’t fear any of them, as a result of that."

MacNeil also TP that he believed there would be another independence referendum before 2020.

Read the full interview here.




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