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Written by What's happening on 3 February 2012 in News
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What's happening

Today Prince Charles and Richard Benyon speak at the launch of the International Sustainability Unit Marine Programme

Today David Blunkett speaks at a National Housing Federation conference in Birmingham

8.45 Ed Miliband makes a speech at Canary Wharf on 'the future of banking'

10.00 Brian Shivers, who was found guilty on 20 January of the murder of two soldiers outside barracks in Antrim, Northern Ireland, is sentenced

13.00 The campaign group Disabled People Against Cuts demonstrates outside the office of Atos, a private firm which is responsible for assessing claimants for sickness and disability benefits

What's been said

Simon Jenkins in The Guardian says that our attitude to Iran shows we haven't learned from Afghanistan

We need the money, says Philip Hensher in the Independent, so let's just sell the Falklands

They're all honours - why do we treat knights differently to peers, wonders William Rees-Mogg in The Times (£)

If Labour ditched both David and Ed Miliband, it could win an election, says Fraser Nelson in the Daily Telegraph

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