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Written by What's happening on 14 February 2012 in Diary
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What's happening

This week Crime prevention minister James Brokenshire visits Jordan

10.00 Boris Johnson plants London's 10,000 street tree in Hillingdon

14.30 The House of Lords considers the Commons amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill

17.00 David Cameron hosts an insurance industry summit at Downing Street

19.30 Lord Douglas Hurd addresses the Cambridge Union

What's been said

Drop the competition element of the NHS reforms and give the health service stability, argues Shirley Williams in The Guardian

Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£) highlights 'the danger of exploiting the Olympics for non-sporting purposes'

Osborne is a superb cook, but the Budget cupboard is bare, says Bruce Anderson in the Daily Telegraph

Making sure journalists obey the law is not the same as an assault on press freedom, argues Steve Richards in The Independent

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