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Super Tuesday in the US as Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Vermont hold their Republican presidential nominating contests

10.05 Mike Penning discusses the government's strategic framework for road safety in front of the transport select committee

10.30 Health minister Simon Burns appears in front of the health select committee

10.30 DfID minister Stephen O'Brien is grilled by the international development select committee on EU development assistance

10.40 Ed Miliband gives a speech 'Made in Britain: The Case for Patriotism not Protectionism' at the EEF Manufacturing Conference 2012.

12.40 Harriet Harman speaks about the upcoming Communications Green Paper at a Westminster Media Forum event

13.30 Pensions minister Steve Webb answers questions on changes to pensions on

14.00 Vince Cable speak at the EEF Manufacturing Conference 2012

14.20 Ken Clarke appears in front of the Joint committee on human rights in the House of Commons to discuss the justice and security green paper

14.30 George Osborne faces MPs in the Commons at Treasury Questions
14.30 The Health and Social Care Bill has its fifth day of the report stage in the House of Lords

16.00 David Cameron appears in front of the liaison committee. Topics include public service reform, Syria and Iran

16.00 Andrew Lansley speaks at a Royal College of Physicians conference in London on smoking and health
18.30 Michael Moore hosts a CBI Scotland Westminster Reception at the Scotland Office

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