‘Bafflement’ among pals of Cameron as May begs for his help

Written by David Singleton on 3 July 2017 in Diary

Dave did his duty by issuing a supportive text message last week.

Friends of David Cameron are said to be baffled that Theresa May is now begging for his help, having spent recent months "trashing" the former prime minister’s work.

Cameron sent an approving tweet the DUP-Tory deal last weekend – after May called him to ask for help.

The prime ministers’ actions - reported in The Times – have raised eyebrows after May’s behaviour in the past year.

First she adopted a strikingly lukewarm approach to campaigning for Cameron’s preferred outcome of Britain remaining in the European Union.

Then she started in office by firing Cameron allies such as George Osborne, Michael Gove, Oliver Letwin and Ed Vazey.

After upending Cameron’s education and housing policies, she then fronted unsuccessful Tory election operation that disowned large parts of the Cameron legacy.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that May’s call to Cameron last Sunday was the first time they had spoken properly in several months.

A Tory source close to Cameron said: “There is simply bafflement. Of course David was polite and grown up and delighted to help. But doesn’t Theresa realise what this looks like?

“She trashed him in the campaign, has barely spoken to him since becoming prime minister and now has to go cap in hand for his support. It’s shameless.”





And how have Team May responded to the former prime minister’s helping hand?

This weekend, the prime minister’s top cabinet ally Damian Green took a swipe at Cameron as he gave a speech at the Bright Blue think tank.

Green noted that renewing support among the young did not mean "hugging huskies, cuddling hoodie-wearing teenagers and PR stunts".




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