David Cameron: ‘I sh*t at the TV’ over Leave campaign lies

Written by Nicholas Mairs on 19 September 2019 in Editorial

Getting through the morning broadcast round without raising an unplanned talking point does not get any easier after leaving office, David Cameron has revealed.

The former PM capped off the day’s tour of TV channels and airwaves to promote his memoirs, alongside his wife Samantha, on the sofa of ITV’s This Morning.

While the chat may have been free of fresh dirt on his old colleagues, the tongue-tied ex-Tory leader appeared, for a split second, to get uncharacteristically worked-up about some of the Leave campaign’s claims – in particular the infamous ‘£350m a week for the NHS’ pledge.

When host Philip Schofield suggested that some at home would be “spitting at the TV” because of the “lies that were told”, Mr Cameron went much further.

“Believe me I did more than, I shat at the - I shouted at the TV…”

The co-host, sitting alongside Holly Willoughby, interjected with: “Did you? We all did, we have done ever since!”

Re-adopting statesman mode, Mr Cameron tried to soldier on: “It was incredibly frustrating, because we do give money to Brussels but nothing like what was on the side of the bus…”

Realising the slip had proved too much for the notoriously giggly telly duo - and Mrs Cameron - he added: “Excuse me, shouted, shouted, yes, em, we’ve broken a new boundary.”

Schofield shot back: “You never said that on Newsnight!”

Those hitting Waterstones this weekend will no doubt be hoping the PM’s hotly-anticipated 800-page tome features similarly candid anecdotes.

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