William Hague has good news for People’s Vote campaigners

Written by David Singleton on 22 January 2019 in Diary

Even the Brexit-backing former Tory leader now thinks there will be another vote.

Theresa May is still doggedly refusing to consider a vote on the terms of Brexit, but it’s not all bad news these days for those who would like to see a People’s Vote.

The latest big name Tory to envisage a second referendum is none other than the committed Brexiteer William Hague.

Writing in the Telegraph, the former Tory leader reckons that getting people to specify what type of Brexit they want would make them very angry. But it is now where we are heading, he fears.

“It will probably produce only a narrow victory for either side despite a long struggle, and leave a wounded country to limp on afterwards. But it’s coming, unless some extraordinary turn of events prevents it. It’s coming by a process of elimination, not because it’s a good idea in itself….

“If you can’t get the deal through, can’t get an improved version of it agreed, can’t sustain a government on a cross-party basis, can’t implement a no-deal Brexit, can’t keep control of the House of Commons, and can’t risk a general election – you have then eliminated all options except one, and you find yourself saying reluctantly: 'Oh go on then, let’s ask them again'."

While various Remainers will hope that Hague is correct in his analysis, at least one rebel grouping is taking nothing for granted.

Rather the ‘Conservatives for a People’s Vote’ campaign led by Justine Greening and Phillip Lee has hired top lobbying firm Hanover Communications to provide “administrative support and communications advice”...


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