WATCH: Labour MP Jess Phillips launches vicious attack on 'cowardly' Tory MPs over rebel expulsions

Written by John Johnston on 5 September 2019 in Diary

You could hear a pin drop as Jess Phillips tore into "cowardly" Tory MPs.

The outspoken Labour MP left the government benches speechless after she launched a brutal attack on them for failing to stand up for their colleagues.

Boris Johnson booted 21 MPs from his party after they voted for an opposition bid to seize the Commons agenda to block a no-deal Brexit.

Party grandees Ken Clarke and Nicholas Soames were among the group removed by the party whips just moments after they helped deliver the defeat.

But Ms Phillips, who has also clashed repeatedly with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, accused Boris Johnson of "bully-boy tactics".

"It's just a shame that quite a lot of the people who are sat in front of me who know what has happened over the last two days is wrong, are too cowardly to actually say to me, in here, in public what they're all saying in the tearooms. You know what has happened over here.



"Getting rid - it's as if we were kicking out Harriet Harman, that is what it feels like. It is an abomination the way your party has behaved."

"You've all crowed and given sympathy to me about the problems that we have in the Labour Party and you've just sat by silently while your colleagues have been marched out."

Sir Nicholas, Winston Churchill's grandson, was left on the verge of tears as he said it was "truly very sad" his 37-year-term as a Conservative MP had ended with the expulsion.

Ms Phillips also told the Commons she would not be backing Mr Johnson's calls for an early election despite having "absolutely no fear" she would win her seat.



"The Prime Minister that we have at the moment is playing some bully-boy game of some bully-boy public school that I probably won’t understand anymore than I understand parliamentary procedures," she said.

"This is some game that three men in Number 10 Downing Street have come up with to try and game the system so that they win."

She added: "I am absolutely not going to use [constituents] as a chitty in a game for the prime minister to achieve the ambition that he has only ever had for himself and never for this country. I am not going to use my constituents as collateral damage."

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