WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn offered pink blouse by reporter after Boris Johnson jibe

Written by John Johnston on 5 September 2019 in Diary

The bemused Labour leader was offered a size-20 floral blouse after he refused to back the PM's request for a general election.

The reporter, from The Sun, was blocked from handing over the garment by Mr Corbyn's aides as he left his Islington home on Thursday morning.

It comes after Boris Johnson appeared to call the Labour leader a "big girl's blouse" during his first outing at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday.

The daft stunt came after the newspaper put a mocked-up picture of Mr Corbyn as a "dangerous chicken" on its frontpage.



Meanwhile, other reporters asked Mr Corbyn whether why he had refused to back plans for a snap general election despite having repeatedly asked for one.

But the Labour leader shrugged off the questions, saying: "Good morning, how nice to see you all this morning."

Mr Johnson was criticised for the remarks, with Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell saying he was "demeaning" the office of Prime Minister.

Meanwhile, fellow shadow cabinet member Angela Rayner, added: "Well so far the PM has been a massive let down at the despatch box, a mixture of bluff and bluster with intermittent finger jabbing, he's avoiding answers to questions with recycled gags from yesteryear. The guy fumbles and bumbles through, what a state."

But Tory MP Calire Perry O'Neill dismissed the comments, adding: "I'm not sure what a big girls blouse is (perhaps something in my wardrobe?) but this is a reminder of the feeble b**locks spouted by Jeremy Corbyn."

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