WATCH: Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone in bizarre tube row after delaying train

Written by John Johnston on 2 December 2019 in Diary

Ken Livingstone has put his foot in it. Again.

The former Labour politician sparked a heated row on Monday after he was accused by commuters of delaying a tube train by sticking his foot in the closing doors.

Mr Livingstone was filmed arguing with Transport for London staff as he attempted to get free, accusing one worker with trying to push him over.

But despite a scarf covering his face, the former Mayor was outed by the worker, who shouted back: "You're Ken Livingstone, you should know better than this, what are you doing?"

The video, posted on Twitter, alleges Mr Livingstone attempted to jam the doors open so he could get on.

But the move backfired after the doors didn't open and he was left trapped on the platform.

"Ken Livingstone decided to hold up our train because he purposely stuck his foot in when the door was blatantly closing," they tweeted.

"Now I'm going to be late for work."

In another video, Mr Livingstone is filmed from inside the train arguing with another TfL staff member before one bemused commuter walks to the door and shouts: "That is your ex-Mayor of London, there!"

But speaking to Mail Online, Mr Livingstone denied he had delayed the train on purpose.

He said: "Why would I deliberately - a 74-year-old man with arthritis in his knees - want to have his foot trapped in the door?

"It happens. You often get caught by the doors closing on you. But I have never in all my life using the Tube not known the driver to immediately open the door."

While in City Hall, Mr Livingstone oversaw the launch of the Oyster card payment system used across the London transport system.

He served as Mayor from 2000 - 2008 until being defeated by Boris Johnson.

Mr Livingstone was suspended from Labour in 2016 after making a series of comments about Adolf Hitler, he resigned from the party in 2018.

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