WATCH: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace goes pro-rogue over Parliament shutdown

Written by Total Politics on 29 August 2019 in Diary

Well, it didn’t take Defence Secretary Ben Wallace long to make his first gaffe.

Well, it didn’t take Defence Secretary Ben Wallace long to make his first gaffe.

The Cabinet new boy - one of the big winners when his pal Boris Johnson became Prime Minister - was certainly not on-message while attending a meeting of EU defence ministers in Helsinki.

Wallace was asked, quite reasonably, what the hell is going on in UK politics right now after Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue Parliament for five weeks.

But he failed to trot out the government line that the PM just needs a Queen’s Speech to get on with his domestic agenda.

Instead, he conceded that it was really about avoiding Parliament because the Government has carelessly managed to lose its majority.

“Parliament has been very good at saying what it doesn’t want, but it’s been awful at saying what it wants - that’s the reality,” he said.

Before collapsing into fits of laughter, he added: “So eventually any leader has to try … I don’t know what the outcome of it. You know, politics.”

He added: “Our system is a winner takes all system. If you win a parliamentary majority, you control everything. You control the timetable. There’s no written separation.

“And we’ve suddenly found ourselves with no majority and a coalition, and that’s not easy for our system.”



Full marks for honesty, but zero for political nous.

A spell on Dominic Cummings’s naughty step may be on the cards when he makes it back from Finland.

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