WATCH: Boris Johnson raps Goldie Lookin Chain lyrics in tribute to late Labour MP Paul Flynn

Written by Total Politics Staff on 14 October 2019 in Diary

Boris Johnson has added to his list of odd Commons appearances by rapping lines from Goldie Lookin Chain.

The Prime Minister made a very unique tribute to late MP Paul Flynn by quoting lines from the parody rap group.

The outfit, who hail from Mr Flynn's Newport constituency were big fans of the former Labour MP - describing him after his death as a "total dude".

The popular figure, who first won the Newport West seat in 1987 remained as an MP until his death in February 2019 at the age of 84.

Speaking during the Queen's Speech debate, Mr Johnson said the veteran MP was "much loved and greatly missed" before launching into a performance of the group's song written in tribute.

Describing the "GLC" as a "South Wales rap ensemble, straight out of Newport", the PM went on to quote from the song, saying: "As an MP he was well respected, since 1987 when first elected. 

"Across the parties, Paul was revered and its just possible he was born with that beard. Across the floor, far and wide, respected across the political divide. Regardless of your stance, left or right, raise a glass to Paul tonight."

Mr Johnson admitted he did not know the political preferences of band members "2Hats or Eggsy" but welcomed their tribute to the Welsh MP.

Accoring to Hansard, the Prime Minister's reference to the band is their fifth mention in the Commons, with Mr Flynn previously describing the group as being "staggeringly talented" and possessing "immense chutzpah".

Perhaps some of the bands other hits might strike a tone with the Tories as the Hallowe'en Brexit deadline approaches, including "Auf Wiedersehen mate", "By any means necessary" and if things don't go to plan, "Who's Next".

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