Tory MPs refuse to celebrate as Boris and Michael get back together

Written by Dods staff on 13 November 2017 in Diary

Allies of the pair say they are 'standing up for Brexit', but some ministers have a different view.

Four months after Michael Gove was accused of stabbing Boris Johnson in the back, the pair are back together to fight for Brexit.

The leading Brexiteers joined forces to send not-so-secret memo to the PM setting out a series of Brexit demands, the Mail on Sunday revealed this weekend.  It has since emerged that the memo was drafted at one of their secret monthly meetings in September over a bottle of merlot.

It is being suggested that Gove and Johnson have bonded in the past few months to counter the leadership vacuum from Number 10.

Gove is said to be pulling the strings and taking the lead in standing up to the likes of Philip Hammond and Amber during cabinet meetings. Meanwhile Johnson’s new special adviser Lee Cain is described as a key intermediary, having previously worked for Gove and as head of broadcast on the Vote Leave campaign.

Allies of both cabinet ministers claim the pair are “standing up for Brexit” because Theresa May is incapable.

But not all Tory MPs are rushing to rejoice at the reunion

In response, an unnamed minister has told the Telegraph that the note is a "sordid little double play" aimed at trying to remove Philip Hammond.

One cabinet minister told the Guardian: “Some have described it as Orwellian, and it is. It is not helpful when people try and press their views in untransparent way.”

And another stated: "It stinks to high heaven. May will have to dress them down or look weak."





Picture credit: Press Association.


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