Tory MP Tim Loughton in ultimate Westminster bubble story

Written by David Singleton on 18 October 2017 in Diary

He spends ‘up to an hour’ in the bath each morning.

For nine years, Tim Loughton toiled away as shadow children’s minister and then as the actual minister.

But to many Westminster watchers Loughton is better-known for his enthusiastic support for Andrea Leadsom’s Tory leadership campaign.

Yet that could all be about to change now with the latest news about the Tory MP.

The Times has reported that Loughton divulged the secrets of his morning routine to a conference on mindfulness and meditation yesterday.

He said: "I spend up to an hour in the morning just thinking about things.

"One of the greatest causes of stress in the world was the invention of the shower. It's like going to the gym for the mind."

Many busy MPs will be shocked to learn that a colleague can find a spare hour to sit in the bath every morning.

But those who know Loughton are already well aware of his chillaxing tendencies.

They were previously seen a few years ago when the then minister was pictured making the most of an education summit in Mauritius – by cooling his toes in the Indian Ocean while enjoying a glass of vino.







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