Tory MP gets beaten by the Scottish accent in the Commons

Written by Rod Muir on 18 October 2018 in Diary

Watch: Sir Paul Beresford asked the SNP's David Linden to speak 'very slowly'.

In recent years, Conservative MPs have found various reasons to take issue the behaviour of SNP.

Usually there are charged with wanting to break up the United Kingdom. Just last month, Commons leader Andrew Leadsom also accused the SNP’s Pete Wishhart of the ultimate Brexiteer crime of “talking down the country” 

And now a Tory MP has claimed that he can’t understand what they are saying in the Commons.

At the centre of the unusual back and forth on Thursday were New Zealand-born Conservative MP Sir Paul Beresford and the SNP's David Linden who was born and bred in Glasgow.

After Linden asked what was being done to make the Commons more accessible for disabled people, Beresford said he couldn’t tell what his fellow parliamentarian was talking about. 

Then he made the same point again and asked Linden to speak “very slowly”.

The awkward exchange ended with deputy speaker Lindsay Hoyle eventually stepping in, “I think the answer might be helped if you can reply in writing,” he said.




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