Tory jokes eventually become too much for Jeremy Corbyn to bear

Written by Dods staff on 22 November 2017 in Diary

The Labour leader accused a Tory MP of displaying an 'uncouth' attitude.

When Philip Hammond made his customary bad jokes during his Budget speech, many Tory MPs roared with laughter.

Within half an hour of getting to his feet, the chancellor had made seven jokes, including one which relied on the prime minister passing him a box of cough sweets and one which appeared to mock Michael Gove for using "economicky" words.

In another jibe, Hammond referred to the former Scottish Labour leader appearing on I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! He quipped: “There’ll be plenty of others joining Kezia Dugdale in saying ‘I’m Labour, get me out of here’.”

But the lowest point came when the chancellor sung the praises of driverless vehicles despite Jeremy Clarkson hating them. "I know that Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t like them… sorry Jeremy but definitely not the first time you’ve been snubbed by Hammond and May", he added.

For most of the gags, Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues elicited little more than a groan. But the Labour was less relaxed when he responded to the Budget with some remarks about social care – and a Tory MP made a cruel joke about his age.

“The uncaring, uncouth attitude of certain members opposite needs to be called out,” said Corbyn angrily, while fellow Labour MPs could be heard shouting 'shame on you’ in the general direction of Tory whip Andrew Griffiths.







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