Tory ‘dirty dossier’ turns out to be not quite so dirty after all (in some cases)

Written by David Singleton on 31 October 2017 in Diary

MPs including Amber Rudd are on the list due to consensual relationships

"Alice and I are really happy," said Tory MP Jake Berry following the birth of his first child earlier this year. "I’m a very proud dad and both baby and mum seem to be doing really well, so it’s a really exciting time for all of us.”

But six months later it has emerged that Berry is one of a number of MPs to feature in the so-called 'dirty dossier' that has been compiled by Tory party staff and is being shared around Westminster.

Using strangely old-fashioned language, the document states that Berry "impregnated Alice Robinson" and notes that she is Boris Johnson's office manager. It doesn’t note that Berry divorced from his wife last year and has been happily living with Robinson for some time.

Fellow Conservative MP Justin Tomlinson is also on the list because he dates his researcher Katherine Bennett, which he has never denied - ever since Bennett announced the news on Facebook last year.

And Amber Rudd makes the cut thanks to a relationship with fellow Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng.

A total of 15 MPs have been named over consensual relationships or personal sexual preferences, with no suggestion of harassment, it is now thought.

This leaves 25 who have behaved inappropriately, including one who is "perpetually intoxicated" and another who stars in a video with "three males urinating". If the list is to be taken seriously…



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