Top Tory leadership contender Sajid Javid links up with Andrea Leadsom

Written by David Singleton on 6 December 2018 in Diary

Whatever could the born-again Brexiter be up to now?

Conservative party insiders are in no doubt that Sajid Javid is on serious manoeuvres for the Tory leadership. 

Javid emerged as the frontrunner among MPs soon after his appointment to the Home Office in April and just this week Liz Truss allegedly said it was a toss-up between Javid and Jeremy Hunt.

“The only one who could beat them with members is Boris,” she apparently told a dining companion.

So what can the home secretary do to get himself over the line with the massively Eurosceptic Tory membership?

In 2016, Javid backed Remain at the behest of David Cameron and George Osborne. With his eye on the big prize, since then Javid  has been doing his best to ensure he is on the right side of the Brexit debate when Theresa May eventually steps down. 

First he became one of the cabinet’s four born-again Brexiters (alongside Hunt, Truss and Gavin Williamson). 

Now he has gone a step further, forging a partnership with Andrea Leadsom - aka one of the Brexit campaign’s leading lights.

In what looks suspiciously like the first stirrings of the Javid-Leadsom Tory leadership 'dream ticket', the pair are linking up to host Christmas drinks for lobby journalists. Significantly, Javid's name is at the top of the invitation.

Rumours that Jeremy Hunt is doing a bash with Penny Mourdant are yet to be confirmed...









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