Tom Tugendhat reveals an impressive ability to multi-task during interviews

Written by David Singleton on 15 August 2018 in Diary

The foreign affairs select committee chair is clearly man of many talents.

With Boris Johnson having apparently revived his bid for the Tory leadership by resigning from the cabinet and then making controversial remarks about women in burqas, what else do his potential rivals have to offer?

Michael Gove is said to have just jetted off to Greece while Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid stick to their departmental briefs for now,. But highly-rated foreign affairs select committee chair and possible leadership wild card Tom Tugendhat has been speaking to the Politico website – about his ability to change nappies while being grilled on BBC Radio 4's Today programme. 

Or as he calls it, playing Radio Roulette.

“Radio roulette is when you book live radio interviews and you know you are the only one who can do childcare and you are alone in the house,” says Tugendhat, who is married to French supreme court judge Anissia Morel.

“You do the interview down the link [hoping] your children either won’t wake up or they won’t make a sound. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.”

He also boasted that he had “won rather a big game recently” when he managed to do the flagship 8:10 a.m. interview slot on the BBC’s Today programme while changing his daughter’s nappy. Host John Humphrys was none the wiser, apparently.

Beat that, Boris…



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