Tim Farron gets a bit Brexity as MPs deal with World Cup defeat

Written by David Singleton on 12 July 2018 in Diary

The former Lib Dem leader called Jean-Claude Juncker's  former chief of staff a 'wazzock'.

In the wake of England’s crushing World Cup defeat to Croatia, MPs took to social media to heap praise on Gareth Southgate’s men for getting as far as they did.

“For most of the last decade I had given up on the England team. @GarethSouthgate has revived my love of football and pride in my national team. I am going to keep watching and keep believing,” stated Tory MP Nick Boles.

Labour’s Jenny Chapman said: “So proud of the team. Not the result we wanted, but they have brought us together over the past few weeks and that is the real magic.”

In Brussels a slightly different take was offered by the secretary general of the EU commission, who expressed his happiness at the prospect of an all-EU World Cup final between France and Croatia.




Martin Selmayr had posted the same tweet with little fall-out after the quarter finals on 7 July, when England had beaten Sweden and Croatia had seen off Russia. Yet this time around it prompted howls of outrage from various Brexiteers, with Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe leading the charge. He fumed: “What a shame all that money, all that power and it still didn’t buy you any class.”

But it wasn’t just Woolfe and his pals who were annoyed by Jean-Claude Juncker's former chief of staff.

Also siding with the Brexiteers was Tim Farron, who replied: “Graceless. I'm pro EU, but sometimes you wazzocks make it hard to be so.”

Nobody tell Vince Cable...





Photo credit: Press Association.



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