Theresa May doesn’t appreciate being called a ‘captive’ and a ‘coward’

Written by David Singleton on 10 December 2018 in Diary

Watch: Labour MPs lined up to put the boot into the embattled PM after her Brexit vote u-turn.

What to make of Theresa May calling off Tuesday's crucial vote on her Brexit deal shortly after her official spokesman told journalists that it was definitely going ahead? As the Commons got down to business on Monday afternoon, many MPs were deeply unimpressed.

Labour’s Jess Phillips was still trying to process the news that pals of Boris Johnson have been likening him to a character in The Chronicles of Narnia series by CS Lewis. She said it was unclear why the prime minister was going back to the EU to negotiate "minutiae" of the backstop when "it will make no difference to a group of people in her party who refer to themselves as Aslan and are circling around her head”.

Her colleague Barry Sheerman told the Commons he had now reached the conclusion that May was a captive of Johnson’s gang. “What I understand now from today’s decision is that she has actually been captured by the far-right Brexit wing of her party,” he growled.





But it was top Labour attack dog David Lammy who really got under the prime minister’s skin by calling her a “coward” - and suggesting she was not as strong as any of her predecessors. 

He asked: “Does she appreciate that other prime ministers under pressure did not delay their legislation? Margret Thatcher didn’t delay the poll tax, Tony Blair didn’t delay the Iraq War decision, John Major didn’t delay Maastricht.”

It's fair to say the prime minister didn't enjoy that one...







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