Theresa the loser takes her unfortunate place in the history books

Written by Dods staff on 16 January 2019 in Diary

May has taken Ramsay MacDonald's record for biggest defeat suffered by a modern PM.

It has not gone uncommented upon in Westminster that Theresa May’s latest Commons defeat is the worst suffered by any British prime minister in modern political history.

With 230-strong loss, the prime minister has taken her place in the history books by beating all of the recent records:

She has CRUSHED the largest revolt faced by Margaret Thatcher – when she was defeated by 72 votes over Sunday trading in 1986.

She has SMASHED the largest rebellion faced by David Cameron – when he beaten by 91 votes over Lords reform in 2012.

She has BATTED AWAY the massive rebellion faced by Tony Blair – when he lost by 139 vote over Iraq in 2003.

And she has even SEEN OFF the previous record held by Ramsay MacDonald - when he was heading the minority Labour government in 1924 and suffered defeats of 166 and 161.

But whether Jeremy Corbyn had quite processed that last night is a moot point…





Both of the 1924 votes were related to the response to the government's decision to drop criminal proceedings against John Ross Campbell, editor of the Communist newspaper Workers' Weekly.

The third biggest defeat also happened in 1924 when the government suffered a 140-vote defeat on its Housing Bill on 3 June.

A few weeks afterwards, a general election was held with Stanley Baldwin returning to power.



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