Stephen Kinnock breaks his silence over BBC documentary he starred in

Written by Dods staff on 21 November 2017 in Diary

The BBC film showed Kinnock’s stunned reaction to the 2017 general election exit poll.

Stephen Kinnock has said that the BBC documentary he played a starring role in captured “the chaos, complexity and comedy of politics” - while many supporters of Jeremy Corbyn think it captured something more sinister about the MP.

Labour – The Summer That Changed Everything charted the party’s 2017 general election through the eyes of Kinnock and fellow MPs Lucy Powell, Sarah Champion and Ruth Cadbury.

For many viewers, the highlights were Kinnock’s stunned reaction to the exit poll - and his wife Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s reaction to him doing agreeing to an interview shortly afterwards.

In one eye-opening section of the film, Thorning-Schmidt - who happens to be the former prime minister of Denmark - asks her husband why he is doing the interview before advising him on what to say.

"Looks straight out of an episode of Borgen," was the reaction of one Twitter user, while others expressed admiration for Thorning-Schmidt.

Meanwhile supporters of Jeremy Corbyn attacked Kinnock for his failure get behind the leader and pointed to his reaction to the exit poll as damning evidence of disloyalty top the leader.

Te MP kept his silence on social media and refused to rise to the bait while the programme was on and immediately afterwards. But he eventually gave a nod to the film the next day, stating: “Fly-on-the-wall #LabourSummer documentary really captures the chaos, complexity and comedy of politics.”

Meanwhile, Kinnocks’ co-star Lucy Powell had just one gripe about the film that she had gamely taken part in. She said: “The main thing missing from #TheSummerThatChangedEverything documentary was when I got bitten by a dog on the first day filming. Didn’t quite fit the narrative maybe?"









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