Squirming Nigel Farage experiences turbulence over his private plane

Written by Dods staff on 17 January 2019 in Diary

Watch: The former Ukip leader is clearly not so 'skint' now...

As media appearances go, January has not been a brilliant month for Nigel Farage.

First he was portrayed as an ineffectual idiot in James Graham’s hotly anticipated Brexit drama on Channel 4. 

“I cherished the portrayal of Arron Banks and Nigel Farage not as the beloved ‘bad boys of Brexit’, but the faintly pathetic ugly sisters, at one point left sitting rather too plumply close to each other as the lights went out,” said The Observer’s reviewer Euan Ferguson.

Then he popped up on Channel 4 News and squirmed as he was challenged about taking a private plane overnight to get from London to Strasbourg.

“A little plane hopped us over,” he said.



C4 News: And who paid for that plane?

Nigel Farage: Me

C4 News: That’s a very elitist thing to do Nigel Farage. You’re always ranting against the elite and here you are swanning around on a private plane…



The former Ukip leader went on to says that he couldn’t remember how much his private plane had cost and it didn’t matter any way. 

It’s a far cry from when he bemoaned being “53, separated and skint”…






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