So long Kate Osamor - the Labour MP’s ungreatest hits of 2018

Written by Dods staff on 3 December 2018 in Diary

It's been an eventful year for the left winger who told a journalist she would have liked to 'smash his face in'.

When Kate Osamor was caught out plagiarising Barack Obama's famous 2008 acceptance speech earlier this year, many Westminster-watchers assumed that nothing more embarrassing could happen to the Labour MP in 2018.

How wrong they were! With Osamor having left the shadow cabinet this weekend, here’s a quick recap of how 2018 went for the former shadow international secretary.

April:  Osamor got caught deviating from the official Labour line on dealing with Syria when she said "intervention must take place" if president Bashar Assad leader was found to have gassed civilians. She then made matters worse by trying to shoot the messenger. “The quotes picked up in tonight’s media have been used selectively from a long and wide-ranging interview and simply don’t represent my views,” she complained.
May: Osamor was caught out plagiarising Obama's famous 2008 acceptance speech. PoliticsHome discovered that parts her address after being re-elected in 2015 were nearly identical to the speech the former US president made after winning the race for the White House. But she swapped references to America for Edmonton. A spokesman said: "Kate deliberately invoked a victory speech so famous that she thought it needed no introduction."
October: Osamor faced calls to sack her son from his job as her communications officer after he was caught with drugs at a music festival. It emerged that he had pleaded guilty to having £2,500 of drugs with intent to supply at Bestival in Dorset last year. She was later reported to Parliament's standards watchdog.
November: First, The Sun revealed that Osamor and her son were living in social housing in Tottenham - despite the pair earning up to £130,000 a year. Then it reported that on three occasions she voted against raising rent for high earners living in social housing. The plans classed high earners as households where two adults earn £20,000 each or more.
December: Having recently tweeted about speaking to residents in Edmonton "about the recent violent incidents", Osamor showed her own violent side. She took Labour’s war on the media to a new low by telling a reporter on her doorstep that she “should have come down here with a bat and smashed your face in”. It also emerged that she got blacklisted from Wikipedia for repeatedly editing information on her own page and threatening to sue the website.


When Osamor stepped down from Jeremy Corbyn's top team hours after her violent incident with a journalist was all over social media, the Labour leader thanked her for bringing "a new dimension" to her role as a shadow cabinet minister. Labour’s new shadow international development secretary is the rather more affable Dan Carden…


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