SNP claim membership boost after dramatic PMQs walk-out

Written by Dods staff on 13 June 2018 in Diary

Watch: SNP MPs followed Westminster leader Blackford out of the chamber. And then took a selfie.

When SNP MPs walked out en masse from Prime Minister's Questions, the move was widely criticised by their rivals. Those lashing out included Nadine Dorries, who was particularly perturbed to see “some of them gesticulating and shouting as though they were in a pub brawl as they left”.

But not every rival politician was outraged about the SNP’s dramatic move, in protest at a lack of debate on a so-called “power grab” in the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Among those riding to the defence of the SNP was former Scottish Labour Kezia Dugdale, just a few months after the rumours that she was planning to defect to the SNP. She tweeted: "Tories would never play political games would they... like, I don’t know, only given 15mins to debate Scotland then filibustering it out?!"

For good measure, party strategists then reported that “almost 1,000 people have joined the SNP this afternoon”.












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