Robert Halfon and the long-running quest for a Tory ladder logo

Written by Dods staff on 23 October 2017 in Diary

The MP for Harlow is making yet another bid to get his party to replace its tree logo with a ladder

Tory MP Robert Halfon is widely known in Westminster as a tenacious campaigner when it comes to issues such as fuel duty and apprenticeships.

He is also doggedly determined to get the Conservative party to change their logo to a ladder.

Back in 2014, Halfon boldly declared on ConservativeHome: "If Labour’s mission is about fighting poverty, ours is about aspiration. We are the party of the ladder."

When that did not get him anywhere, the Harlow MP tried again in 2015 during an interview with The Sun.

He said: "When we knock on people’s doors, I want people to know we are on their side… We are the party of the ladder, it was Churchill who first said that. The ladder symbolises everything we’re about.

"If you're in poverty we'll get you into work, if you're in work we'll cut your taxes. If you want to own your home, we'll help you do that too."

Alas, David Cameron and Theresa May both ignored Halfon and the Tories went into the 2017 general election sticking with a tree - which Norman Tebbit once said looked like a "bunch of broccoli" - as their logo.

But three years after he first raised the ladder, Halfon is still showing no sign of taking no for an answer.

Rather, The Telegraph reports that the Tory MP now wants the ladder logo to "include hands to represent people climbing the rungs and also a safety net to catch them if they fall".

It remains unclear whether Halfon will have to plug away for another three years to get his new-look ladder on his Tory membership card.

Senior Conservative sources have been looking into whether the party’s logo should be replaced as part of an image overhaul in response to the poor 2017 general election result, it is reported.

But a source at Tory HQ insisted that that the logo would not be changed.




Picture by: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive/PA Images.



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