Richard Leonard chooses honesty over cheering on Scotland at football

Written by Dods staff on 20 November 2017 in Diary

The new Scottish Labour leader was asked who he supported at big sporting fixtures.

Despite his English roots, Richard Leonard won a decisive victory over his rival Anas Sarwar in Scottish Labour leadership contest.

The left-winger who was born in North Yorkshire and went to a private school near York took 57% of the vote this weekend. He did so after stressing to Labour voters that he had spent most of his life in Scotland and that he had made a “positive choice” to live in the country.

Having persuaded Scottish Labour voters to overlook his English accent, Leonard’s next task is to get the general public to do the same. But has he just made that task a bit harder for himself?

Asked on Radio 5live, whether he supported Scotland or England in the football and rugby, Leonard responded:

"If it’s England vs Scotland, I do support England. Every other game I’ll support either Scotland or England. I’m not going to try and make up something, that’s the honest truth."

Having risked a straight answer, Leonard will now be hoping that most voters are attracted by his unspun, honest, approach.

His SNP and Tory rivals will be looking out for snaps of Leonard enthusiastically cheering on England and hoping that most voters are appalled by the idea of a leader who backs the other side at major sporting events…



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