The remarkable (and somewhat incoherent) logic of Digby Jones

Written by David Singleton on 31 January 2019 in Diary

Watch: The business boss left BBC presenter Emma Barnett thoroughly baffled.

Nobody likes a politician who can’t admit when they obviously got something wrong. So it’s a good job that Digby Jones is no longer minister for trade and investment.

In remarkable scenes on BBC Radio 5Live, the crossbench peer was challenged about his claim that “not one job” would be lost due to Brexit.

After hearing a recording of his comments, Jones made an outlandish bid to stand by them.

“Right, but it’s nothing to do with Brexit, it’s everything to do with the uncertainty caused by the debate about Brexit,” he insisted.

He also revealed his thinking when he made the comment in the run-up to the referendum.  Rather naively, he had expected all opponents of Brexit to suddenly stop opposing it.

He explained: “When I said that I genuinely believed this nation would get behind the will of the majority and make that happen.”

For good measure, Jones also suggested he had a greater knowledge of the issues than the bemused BBC presenter.

“You don’t sit in boardrooms like me,” he told Emma Barnett with monumental pomposity. 

Watch and learn how not to do it, politicians…







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