Order, order – forget Brexit: Let’s talk bobble hats

Written by TotalPolitics.com Staff on 19 March 2019 in Diary

House of Commons speaker John Bercow turned his attention to bobble hats and coffee while dodging a journalist’s question on his way to work this morning.

Donning a striped jumper the Buckingham MP attempted to drown out reporters with chit chat, when approached by camera crews telling them to “get yourselves some coffee or tea”.

He said: “I did offer to buy you coffee or tea but you declined my kind offer.”

Bercow has come under fire from ministers after his surprise announcement to MPs yesterday where he hurled a 1604 convention into the mix, ruling the government cannot bring a third vote on the Brexit deal without “substantial change”.

The Commons speaker in string of verbal nonsense, added: “It’s a very, very impressive bobble hat you’re wearing there.

“I’m sure people are so very grateful to you for showing such an interest at this time of the morning…very well done.

“-Careful, careful there are cars coming along here I’m not going to sacrifice myself for your benefit.”



But continuing his journey across the bustling capital the speaker played silent as a reporter pressed him over his decision yesterday and whether he was “trying to delay Brexit.”

When reaching Parliament, he wished the crew a good day while a voice is heard yelling “traitor” from the street.

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