Nick Clegg hurls insults at Jacob Rees Mogg and Tory cabinet ‘muppets’

Written by Dods staff on 12 February 2018 in Diary

The ex-Lib Dem leader compared Rees Mogg to Don Quixote.

‘Satire only makes Jacob Rees-Mogg stronger,’ ran the headline of a piece in The Observer by comedian Stewart Lee this weekend.

Lee argued that the Tory MP had embraced the jibe that he is "the honourable member for the 18th century" and made it his own.

"He takes it as the highest compliment and it makes him stronger…. You will have to do better than that," Lee advised opponents of Rees Mogg.

And today Nick Clegg took up the challenge.

Speaking on the Politico EU podcast, Clegg took a highbrow literary wipe at the Tory Brexiteer by referencing what is widely considered to be the most influential wok of literature from the Spanish literary canon.

"He’s like a Don Quixote in pinstripes … rushing at windmills that don’t kind of exist," said Clegg.

But the former Lib Dem leader did not limit his criticisms to Rees Mogg. Taking aim at the entire cabinet, he declared:

"I think is impossible exaggerate the level of a cluelessness and incompetence now at the heart of British government.

"I think it’s really difficult for folk here in Brussels and in other European capitals to get used to the idea that, you know, to all intents and purposes, the British government now looks like a bunch of muppets sitting around the cabinet table."



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