Michael Gove tries to weaponise Game of Thrones for Brexit

Written by Dods staff on 15 January 2019 in Diary

The senior Brexiteer has history with the TV show...

Anyone looking for reassurance that ministers are taking the Brexit catastrophe seriously may not have found it by listening to Michael Gove this morning.

The environment secretary went out to bat for Theresa May’s deal this morning, with a tetchy interview on the Today programme.  For his top soundbite, he cited a Game of Thrones character to make a point about how terrible things will get if/when the PM’s plans are rejected by MPs for the second time:

"I think if we don’t vote for the deal tonight, in the words of Jon Snow, ‘winter is coming’. 

“I think if we don’t vote for the deal tonight we will do damage to our democracy by saying to people that we are not going to implement Brexit, and the opportunity that all of us have to live up to our democratic obligations is clear.”

Gove’s intervention may not help the prime minister, but at least he is enjoying himself by quoting his favourite TV show. It comes two months after he told the world that the character of Tyrion Lannister is his Game of Thrones "soulmate". 

And it comes more than two years after an ally of Boris Johnson threatened to ensure that Gove suffered the same fate as a Game of Thrones character who was locked in a dungeon and castrated. 

In 2016 Ben Wallace, now security minister, said of Gove: "He is actually Theon Greyjoy or will be by the time I am finished with him."





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