Michael Gove’s bad behaviour in cabinets past and present revealed

Written by Dods staff on 16 November 2017 in Diary

The top Tory is accused of bamboozling his current cabinet colleagues with 'long, economicky words'.

Michael Gove is using cabinet meetings to audition to be the next chancellor, The Times reports.

The environment secretary is said to have angered cabinet colleagues by straying beyond his brief to speak at length about slightly obscure Treasury matters. And by using “lots of long, economicky words”.

His behaviour is being seen an attempt to persuade the prime minister to give him Philip Hammond’s job.

"He was the only one auditioning," said a cabinet source. "Others just contributed to a discussion on the industrial strategy without giving the impression of this being the culmination of lengthy rehearsals."

After the story came out, former Liberal Democrat special advisers emerged on social media with more tales of bad behaviour in cabinet from Gove.

The ex-Number 10 media operative Sean Kemp said: "This is at least a step up for Gove compared to the time Cameron had to tell him off in Cabinet for trying to sneakily eat a flaky pastry he was holding under the table."

And Nick Clegg’s former communications director Stephen Lotinga piped up: “Nothing compared to the roasting he got when his Beyoncé ringtone sounded out to the whole of Cabinet in a ‘mobile free’ meeting.”

In 2015, it was reported that the secret ringtone favoured by Gove was the track Irreplaceable, which opens with the repeated words: “To the left, to the left.”

Gove has previously said he enjoys pasties by Ginsters but has not talked about tucking into them during cabinet meetings.





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