Lobby hack spills the beans on Tory conference dinners with Michael Fallon

Written by Dods staff on 8 November 2017 in Diary

'The gossip would be flowing as freely as the wine.'

Michael Fallon has had a tough time of late, culminating in his dismissal as defence secretary amid claims that he lunged at a journalist after lunch.

But at least one female hack is throwing a bone to the Tory MP.

In the latest issue of The Spectator, Melissa Kite writes that dinners with Fallon were one of the best things about Tory conference when she was a lobby correspondent in the noughties.

“He and I used to book our party conference dinners months in advance. I looked forward to them as a highlight because I knew the gossip would be flowing as freely as the wine. I would book the best place in town, turn up in a smart outfit and grab hold of Mr Fallon on arrival, covering him in mwah mwahs,” she states.

Kite says she does not remember Fallon “overstepping the mark” -  but reveals that another Tory MP was less measured.

“I remember one Budget day, I entertained a junior minister who leaned across the table and said: ‘Does power turn you on? Is that why you came into politics? Is it a sexual thing with you?’

“I confess I said: ‘Yes, that’s right.’ And he leaked a controversial government policy, which made the front page.”

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