Labour's Rosena Allin-Khan goes to war with Boris Johnson over Love Actually rip-off

Written by Total Politics Staff on 10 December 2019 in Diary

The PM has been accused being of a "copycat" by a Labour candidate after making his own spoof Love Actually clip.

Labour's Tooting candidate has responded with fury after Boris Johnson blatantly copied her viral election video and added in his own Brexit twist.

Dr Allin-Khan had posted a spoof version of the iconic doorstep scene from the Christmas rom-com in November in which she persuades a Conservative voter to back her.

In the silent video viewed over 1,000,000 times, she shows the man a series of placards urging him to vote Labour to save the NHS and promised her party would invest more money in public services.

The clip ends with the MP hopeful blowing the man a kiss before he is seen replacing a Conservative poster in his window with a Labour one.



But as polling day looms and the parties battle to go viral, Mr Johnson appeared in his own version of the scene in which he urged a women to vote for his party to help deliver Brexit.

In the spoof clip, titled: "Brexit, Actually", the PM holds up his own placards claiming he wants a Commons majority to help the country move on after Brexit.

"With any luck, by next year we'll have Brexit done (if Parliament doesn't block it again)," one says.

"Your vote has never been more important, the other guy could win, so you have a choice to make between a working majority or another gridlocked hung parliament."



But his spoof provoked fury from Dr Allin-Khan who accused Mr Johnson of being a "copycat".

"I won't be retweeting it - but Boris Johnson has copied my #ElectionActually video.


"Don't share his version in outrage - instead, share my originial version.

"It's us versus Cummings, Johnson, Trump and Farage - retweet this and spread the word."

Meanwhile, former Tory minister David Gauke got in on the action in a bid to spread his own anti-Brexit message.



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