Ken Clarke says ‘over-excited’ Brexiteer MPs should be in yellow jackets

Written by Dods staff on 9 January 2019 in Diary

Watch: The Tory grandee had annoyed them by suggesting Article 50 should be revoked.

A handful of Brexit-loving Conservative MPs were up in arms today when Ken Clarke suggested extending the Article 50 period or revoking A50 altogether.

The Remain-supporting Tory grandee said it was clear there is no majority in Parliament for any future relationship with the EU after Brexit - except a majority that is clearly against leaving without a deal.

“The prime minister has to be flexible on some things. So would she consider – if she loses the debate next Tuesday – moving to the obvious step in the national interest of delaying or revoking Article 50 so we have time to consider what the British actually want?”

As a few Conservatives got very upset in Chamber, as usual Theresa May failed to answer the question.



Shortly afterwards, Clarke upped the ante a bit further when he responded to an intervention by European Research Group stalwart Mark Francois:

"I find it unbelievable that people are putting such effort into excluding the possibility of the House expressing its opinion. I say to my honourable friends who are getting over excited, that perhaps they should don a yellow jacket and go outside."

To be fair, the father of the House has never tried to hide his contempt for Tory Brexiteers…



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